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Mama Baby Bliss

Dedicated to the wellbeing of mothers and babies. Passionate about mums and babies, we offer a range of blissful holistic treatments, pre-natal and post-natal yoga courses for mothers and mothers-to-be, baby massage and baby yoga courses for little ones
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Bump2Baby Fitness

Coming along to a specialised postnatal fitness class, you’ll be rest assured that your exercise session is both safe and effective for you and your baby (and really good fun too!).

Suitable from your 6/8 week postnatal check Bump2Babys Buggy Classes combine different cardio for all levels with toning, strengthening, and fat burning exercises.

Classes with Chloe not only help you lose that baby weight but also improve Core Stability and strengthen the Pelvic Floor with her specialised CORE RESTORE section.
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Lazy Daisy Active Birthing Ante Natal Classes

Daisy Birthingâ„¢ is a gentle relaxed - active birthing concept created by the Lazy Daisy team.Our weekly class programme really works, helping you to enjoy every step of your pregnancy whilst looking forward to a positive birth
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Daisy Birthing Classes

If you are a mum-to-be who likes the idea of pregnancy yoga but worry you are not stretchy enough; if you are drawn to hypnosis for birth but want to remain mobile during your labour; if you love the idea of an active birth but have never squatted in your life, then Lazy Daisy® and our unique Daisy Birthing ® Active Antenatal Education could well be the ideal pregnancy and birth preparation class for you!

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Reflexology with Carly Garrett

Fertility, Maternity and regular reflexology treatments in the comfort of your own home.
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Self-hypnosis, relaxation, visualisation and breathing methods to prepare your mind and body for birth

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Fitness Classes for pregnant ladies

Dudley Council and Dudley public health are offering antenatal fitness classes in five children's centres.
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Cloud Nine Birthing

Helping you have a peaceful, natural child birth.
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